What Payment Options are Available?

We accept Bitcoin/Etherium cryptocurrency, Debit & Credit Cards via secured payment gateway with automatic monthly payments and  currency conversion with no hidden fees.

What Devices are Supported?

We support all kinds of devices such as: MAG, Android/iOS Smart Phones, Android Boxes, Enigma, DreamBox, PC, VLC Player, Browsers (Chrome/Mozilla) & Smart TV's.

Can I Use on Multiple Devices?

No. Only if you pay for a Multi-Screen subscription. Single subscriptions will automatically be blocked if you try to use on another device.

How much Bandwidth is used to Stream LIVE TV?

Our streams use the latest H.264 technology, offering the best compression and quality. The stream sizes are around 8mb. However when changing channels the H.264 protocol may jump higher to begin showing the footage, hence why a 16mb minimum internet connection speed is required, 30mb for HD/4K channels.

How soon are Video-On-Demand Content Updated?

Video-On-Demand content are updated within 24hr of show/movie release on their respective platforms.

What is Catch Up 3.0?

Missed a live event? Catch Up allows you to watch a show/program at your own convenience. Just open Catch Up section in app, find channel, then find program that you wish to watch. Now with version 3.0, you're able to watch up to 3 days of footage.

Is there a TV guide or Schedule?

All channels that provide listing of shows to come are present and accessible from within the app, just navigate to channel and information will be shown below video display, which you can expand and see full line ups for up to 4-5 hours at a time.



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